Truck accidents can have catastrophic impacts on other road users, especially where smaller cars and passengers are involved. The vehicles are, by their very nature, heavy, large, and dangerous, and drivers need to ensure that everything is in tip-top condition to reduce the chances of an accident taking place in the first place.

There are a few factors that make the chances of an accident far more likely, and many of these can be monitored and repaired to help keep other road users safe.

Issues with Drivers and Training

Human error is one of the most common reasons for a truck accident, but even here, the factors can be varied. Specialist training and preparation are required to allow drivers to handle and manage these large vehicles confidently and safely. If this is not offered, an accident is more likely to occur. Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure that all of their drivers are properly trained, licensed, and certified before they head out onto the road and that they are fully confident in driving, navigating, and handling the truck under their care. If you have become a victim of a truck accident due to negligence, you can always reach out to our experienced truck accident attorneys.

In addition to training issues, drivers may find themselves impacted by issues, including distraction from external sources such as maps and GPS. Drivers need to ensure that any navigation or communication equipment is able to be used hands-free, allowing drivers to keep their full attention on the road ahead.

External Factors

The impact of external factors should not be underestimated. Weather, in particular, can play a huge part in the increased risk of accidents, mainly due to the heavier nature and composition of trucks. The stopping distance is naturally far larger than that of a car or smaller vehicle, and this only increases in wet conditions. Drivers need to ensure that they are checking their speed to ensure that they allow adequate stopping distance during windy conditions and that they slow down in adverse weather – this can increase the chances of the truck flipping over or rolling, which can be incredibly dangerous.

Poor weather can also massively impact visibility, meaning that drivers have to take extra care and keep their focus on the road and the other cars around them. Slowing speed, leaving extra space, and taking extra time for the journey are all crucial aspects of this.

Truck Maintenance

Trucks need to be inspected and maintained before each journey, and any wear or tear addressed and repaired as soon as possible. If the truck is part of a larger fleet, for example, as part of a company or commercial enterprise, they will usually be the party responsible for ensuring regular check-ups, maintenance, and repairs. Even where an external party is involved, however, the individual driver will still have a responsibility to check over the truck before each journey, to make sure everything is as it should be and safe to be on the road with other vehicles.